Saturday, October 25, 2008


Friday was a long day to say the least broke night doing not much of anything at all fell asleep to Aqua Teen Hunger force. Woke up after 1 sat took it easy in the afternoon than got motivated to get some things done as doing the usual hood shit. Did entirely too much to start caring to share but I didn't have a camera on me so there is no photos either. Sat around bong bong till like 2am than decided to go to the city texted a friend than went to the Yacht on the Hudson, and it was swarming with white people so I decided to walk the plank. I really cant hang with a bunch of rich yuppie people it urks me, no matter how baller it is... so I went back to the mansion

Look the HUNDREDS likes the cock too

threw out my garbage and found this pervert in the alley

just for fun here you go

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