Monday, October 6, 2008

Bland weekend

Stayed in on Friday due to flakiness, and Saturday night got flaked on me damn self was gonna stay in but I was cooped up the night before... So I had a few drinks called a cab and went to see some pals play a show at Jimmy D's at midnight. I got there just in time to take one shot, take a piss, and see them play. After which everyone went back to the studio to do studio type things but Ian and I had alternate plans at 2am in the morning... He went home to alternate cars and I took a cab to the jumpoff! Paolo at the door gave me props for my fashionably late appearance dressed as a metalhead. Although there was a little spicy suprise there was some spice girls on the prowl and I got got! Spent the whole Sunday not looking at my phone for a change which is awesome break I might add, ordered from the best Japanese place 2 times watched raging bull, if you never saw it thats cool I never did and it was a funny time to... went to my mansion after that and just watched some 80's movies

this is the only picture I took I could agree with...

watched this movie at midnight on Sunday and couldn't agree more

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