Monday, September 29, 2008

fear and loathing in Boston....

too much for 2 days?

deneyed but after watching the video like 3 times I did sound kinda fucked up but still like thats still kinda gay right? whatever took a cab to some other place and bought 2 way more sexier way more expensive beers and 4 fine dutchmaster cigars...
wet rumbear humping imaginary humping someone through a McDonalds window... if this was someone in NJ they would come get all rowdy but in the mean streets of Boston they just laugh...

Took a piss on Melrose MA SON!!!

being a big wet smoking idiot

ding hoes get low

the great gay cornholio

and this fucking guy won the best dressed award

I was high and took a pic of this castle also kinda out of boredom

The best dressed again

I saw this cracked the fuck up, woke up too late for breakfast at the telly and delt with a multigrain bagel with jalepeano cream cheese for breakfast... and then it was smooth sailing to NJ by the time we got in town tho I was just so beat from all the cornbread, beer and driving that was done I was not in the mood... got some good ol Indian all you can eat for 10 bucks tits!!!!! another blog another dollar and another cockroach trying to get under my door!

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