Monday, October 27, 2008

Can't stop the clock but the clock can stop you!

OK I know I just just just re-edited the last post but I got the updates for you that will make you not want to look at that last blog to save your masturbating 4 times a day ass! I am writing this as I am on the end of a bottle of prosecca, but I have been reading around in my neighborhood news came across this...,
and let me say it is an honor to live in a safer neighborhood and god bless these guys (I know I have already pulled this card but hey fuck you if you wouldn't have pulled it

well anyway with shit popping off all over my hood

I have been taking it slow and keeping some privacy for myself if you didn't notice if you called me like 2139029380225 times, btw I know it's getting annoying but hey I wanna live too son! Oh yeah tho ate an awesome dinner last night, forgot how good brie and raspberry is heated together. Still have no costume or a good Idea for one but I love my new perm swag its doing even better than the mustache, now I realize a mustache is just like a must have for this dirty bastard

called my mom today maybe ill holler at pop dukes in the morning its hard for me to check all of you all the time just remember that son!
whatever man come check the headband im fucking done son cus I wanna check out that indian kush too.... I can hear them knocking!

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