Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wet wipes and White Stripes

I have no idea what day this is and I am pretty sure its Tuesday but I am not 100% I haven't been researching for the blog.... I am getting sick of the bullshit lately, still very happy to breathe like I should be able too! Another thing I am not in the mood lately so don't go trying to pet a piranha, business wise or friends included all I care about right now is the young pimp! I love you all but stand in line I need some quiet time...

One day I shall meet pablito and hes gonna hook me up!

Thanks Janessa but I do things my own way, thanks tho. spice life was in effect a little for a minute, got bigger fish to fry tho CHURCH to the co-signers!

pretty bird

had a photshoot in the garden of ballerness...

odd couple...

swans... sorry its not something that interests you but I enjoyed it

I have been a bad duck lately tho... bittersweet

I was born into aviation that's why I am so fly! Infatuated...

this is where you take the stragglers...

aids crew pimpin it good looks THEN!

went to litm for a church session with the team saw this gay shit, dude was like do you wanna buy it I was like no its ugly I want to make fun of it for looking like a cock! "oh"


Embrace my concept my batting average is up and my defense is impeccable I am fend to be the rookie of the year!

listen to this pimping than watch... if you laugh too church!

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