Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love my car but its great to be the...

HAPPY BDAY Sextro, thanks for driving you saved me a DWI and what up Mae dont let my hippie friends fuck you up!!

I guess there was a band I was still stuck on last blogs headband I still don't get what that is?%$#&??

I really look like a douche I am gonna shave soon I swear! this joke isn't funny anymore

You want jokes? oh dont worry I am about to break your bladder in a few more blogs

I have been acting like a fuckface lately

exposed dicks

Got reunited with a great friend this week, I am glad to be squared away I love you and all you have helped me with and I swear if you actually read my blog and see this just know I always respected you! Not like you'd read my shit anyway. sorry and good morning!

I am a fucking idiot!!!! check my new specs tho!

Yes officer I am a photographer I run a blog heehee

btw I just fucked you! took my ass to bed woke up in a Extra terrestrial form went to Manhattan for a good dose of clarity! More than most its hard to say it, but alcohol is that comfort

smutty francis getting perved out at starbucks I <3
I recall central park in fall SAVE FERRIS!!!!!!


I kinda wanted to make fun of my friend here but hes dope. I love Central park! I wish I was rich to live there thats like our North Hollywood!

top hats! still the dude was loving my crooks beanie!

Right smack damn in the middle

birds on a wire

I wanna take my mom on one of those cab rides! I love Barbra!

I went to Manhattan to a go to the bank and whole foods but if you ask me this is why I was there!!!!

I also like birdwatching

just realizing I hadnt showered for 2 days I still felt like a arrogant european douchebag but I still knew ed hardy is for self proclaimed retards (kept it cool)

thanks for the head fuck face!

you cant sue someone taking a picture? wait can you?

I know, I could so be that guy. but it was in Gucci store and I got noone to show off to! one fucking day tho!

bird watching the bird watchers

sneak tip

white bitches

jungle fever back an fourth

hipsters suck ass!

I made this girl fucking blush through glass! I felt like king of the fucking white people!!

she definitely didn't make me wanna throw money away on fake shit!

yeah les amused by the second!

the black unibomber!

dirty bitch

all you could eat indian couldnt handle this whole plate!

thank me and you are welcome!

best mojito of the year!

He is a backdoor man 3 months old already hollywood!

creep shot

Ive eat more chicken than you've ever seen!!

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