Monday, April 6, 2009

Mustache Riders on the storm/stache overdose!!!!

Went to the poker championship cockfest not really sure why met up with the winner of the Mustache award, the day before. Got the fuck out of Jersey City headed North to Stop by Pricilla's B-day party, homeboy on the left thought we were movie stars. I was like nah he asked if we were at least in Porn...

fanny is cool but these girls were tightasses stuck up little Hudson County chicks oh well.. I just was kicking it with some people I havent seen since I was back in the studio days...

I remid myself of roger rabbit!

Hit up the Division East party in clifton after we got out of Hudson Hell County beer was basically gone by that time people started selling beers for 2 bucks out of thirty packs, hustle hard youngins.

It was filled with little girls I felt a little out of place, but it was cool

The ramp was pretty dope and there was some good ass skaters there this dude had all the balls tho

later on he tryed the gap to the woodpile

Went over to the pit dude started spraying the fire extinguisher

People started running like roaches when u turn the light on

kinda reminds me of 911 pictures only less tragic

Chick in the red was cute was with the rappers all night to each his own

than this dude (with the broom) walked across the ramp with his ass out

Jesse was like yo homegirl thinks ur cute, Ok ma and?...

This kid was talk/rapping

kid wanted some attention

I swore hed crack his head open, he didn't god bless!

Ben needs a diet!

Mustache Musik

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