Sunday, April 26, 2009

Embace my concept, pimpin real life working that green like a professional. CHURCH!

Twitter is great if you are trying to have your friends stalk your ass...

I was the one that wrote dumbass, Next time you get drunk and try to fuck a ugly bitch put your ring in the 5th pocket not your dress coat DUMBASS!!

Got a haircut my barber was telling me his Kanye sightings in Soho, I got a call telling me to go to Manhattan to meet up with Kanye and Glc. I just spoke with GL the week before and I met him right before his debut on 106 and park. I had to run back to NJ than played limo X taxi tag with them whe I came back to midtown where GLC was showing off these Air Yeezy's that are going for 2500 on ebay... hey weren't you just on 106 and park?

I like my footwear more

GL is a really dope dude took us all out to dinner after we chatted a while over some brain medicine. He liked the mustache, said I had mustache pimping! I didnt know he was such a pimp he even quoted pimp c " eat so many shrimp I got iodine poisoning" Church!

only thing this tells me is you only live once, pick and choose but I choose liberation!!

church ride

tisk tisk married woman!

I think LA makes girls dress like idiots! It happened to me once, I am glad it didnt happen again! its over Christina Milian

this is whats new in the lost and found bin... First person to email me its there's First come first serve pimpin!

Keep your pimping up and your words to a minimum if you aint saying shit pimping calling my name. And I don't call names but stay the fuck from round me! Fuck I wish I went to mansion with you guys I been needing to well somethings don't appear on blogs...

good morning...

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