Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog day sunrise

Other than being pissed off that I drive in the tri-state area, lately everything has been working out well. Sometimes that scares me because at times I can be a half empty person. I love the Spring and I am glad I had a chance to go out with my friends tonight!
Ian posting up a sticker

It was the first night I wasnt driving I was happy that I could actually get drunk and not worry about my precious, spent a lot of time at the bar ordering drinks from the scantally clad bartenders. Funny I told sis to wear the same outfit for the Lamp Lounge

I got there 15 minuites before they played got a good buzz in that time...

Don't forget I need to get on that Fort Ree tip

I was all emo'ed out you may say, some young ass chick in a misfits shirt tried to holler at me, Francis no play with youngings tho.

I know Alex here from one of the craziest people I have ever met, I always see him at weird ass shit. Last time was at a trance party like a year ago

this is a picture of nothing butt.. (yeah thats a joke lol already!)


Mike's view

Had to perch up high to get a birds eye view

smoked right before I drove this shit! tight son! made my "Saturn" seem like a piece of shit! frank looking at that twig like Its a pair of tits!


so who's mom would I have sex with?

left a sign of my presence in the belly of the beast!!!

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