Thursday, March 5, 2009

TGIF-Thank god its Francis!

I was gonna go watch tv but the stupid tivo is acting silly I swear I have no idea how to even use a tv anymore its been so long and that shit got too many buttons. Man listen thats the reason I stopped playing video games, anyway its fun to see people get excited for a day that they don't have to work and I live my life like everyday is friday, here is a throwback...

anyone wanna buy me a chair?!?
photo by francis circa same time this year, was not this freaking cold last winter!!

daily dose of pot porn you show me yours ill show you mine!

I finally figured out how to watch tv and I watched Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead just now, it reminded me of being 12 years old having a crush on Christina Applegate. Oh well I met her and Marcus Welby in the same day once so life went on.

not on no stalker shit like this son!

Last but not least as a few of you may remember this video was posted before on youtube and I was told to take it off but back on here for you again. For those that are late to class this video is of Hell Rell, Jr Writer, G5 on production a few months back as they just got done recording this track. Rell is asleep which I say just shows how hard he works and mind you this was like 3 or 4 am in a studio where we had been smoking and drinking. Anyway Ive seen it on JR's shit so here you go dont know the name but it will be on "Cinecrack" Jr's upcoming album...

Word to the weak Huster Harder thought I told you last blog!!!

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