Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As you may have noticed I have upgraded the wite a little, I get possitive responses to this everyday thank you all and a special shout out to Bjorn for collaborating with me. It was fun doing it, crackhead Alex came over at 4a man hes a nut but sort of amusing in small does, he didn't understand what we were doing at all. Asked what we were doing like 15 times, still was cool seeing this come to life, defenetly expect some more but for now see how it came about...

preview of the new stickers...

Again Bjorn is the coolest hes in my blog good reason to go look through it, I know a lot of you are newbies heres the throwback at noon.

Black to the berry see the water marks? Fuck it's still kicking, good thing I just had a new one shipped what 2 weeks ago? I like twitter but I never look at it

I have been happy trying to take some time off but its so hard...

P.S. to all the haters and non believers I don't fuck with your life don't fuck with mine if you can't fuck with me suck a dick or die biting.

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