Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easy does it!

OMG Its March already?? How did that happen? Ok anyway I know I have kept this blog pretty lame lately and I am sorry for that, for I have been a busy Francis. I got back on my sneaker hustle cant tell me shit about a recession when people are still spending money. listening to blog music its hot I bought it on iTUNES last week...

cave life

my sister and my ill grin on one of my trips out of hiding

I was looking for online coupons and found this instead! idk how skate shop turned into zombie skater punk.

For sale Nike Dunk Mid Elite SB "Beijing x Triumvir x Fly" size 10

Jessica and her camel

living proof that you don't need talent to do amazing graffiti

a&p is for the kids not sure why I thought this was so funny than I look at the kid in the orange and it reminds me!

soo ill!

I know you want more easy I will try to keep you posted on my drinking Ive had no free time to care about freezing just to go party. But its about to get nice out so stay tuned

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