Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love you all in a nohomo way honestly

got a last minuite tattoo that didnt last more than 3 hours. got another one on my forehead but you wasn't there! unless you were...

I went to Beauty Bar on a Saturday, to everyone that asks me out on the weekends listen I hate stupid people especially in abundance that's why I don't waste my time most nights. I've seen the same asswipes before!

mind you do I need to hook up with random people to make myself feel better...

Not talking about a woman in this text btw...


pun on pun this dollar was spent on a meal that I wish I almost didnt have oh well cant win them all

Ruckus x SMF (smooth michael francis) niggas dont know about that shit right there!?

PS my fellow beastie boy I know what she did this weekend! btw we cant all be as as perfect as this guy

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