Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost blog

I think it was in January right when I was getting sick of everyone, going out and of course the bitter cold. I was told there was gonna be some underground Ninjasonik party in the Brook, it was prolly already like 12:30 when I got the invite. I put some tight pants on made a drink than was like man funk dat. Homeslice hit me up like every 20 minuites with updates like, RAGING, GHETTO BOOGIE, MAD BLUNTS, MAD SHORTIES, MAD FOURTIES. I finally was like stop teasing the people that are too cool to go out! Got a email mid week that week of some pics, was gonna post them at the time but life got complicating...
ghetto indeed can't go to BK no more without mad seeing Mishka everywhere you look the takeover!

looking at this pic tell me that kid in the bottom right aint looking like me!??

Too much mustache swagger for words! I seen this dude around a lot

I missed her!!!

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