Monday, February 2, 2009

America needs a bong breark

I relapsed last night I gotta call my sponsor later and hear it out, but after drinking one night I wanna stay in the cave and burn with my homie

This is the research I have done for the day...
The DEA last week raided a medical marijuana dispensary in Lake Tahoe, California. Federal Agents, acting under orders from Bush administration holdovers, seized cash and cannabis, but made no arrests. They must be pissed about that CNBC shit. I guess I would to with the end of the show spewing in the face of Americans from a dea agent mouth "were not winning the people that are winning are sustaining a marijuana culture."

gotta watch this one quickie and fun

bored at work watch the dea get beat in a argument

Here's the HOT FIYAHH

Ill holler!

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