Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You can sleep with me but u can never sleep on me vol 2/ Osama came to our cave with some AK-47

The state of New Jersey voted this monday to leagalize medical marijuana, the 14th state in the nation! My guess is we'd a been #13 anyway RIGHT THE FUCK ON!!!!!!

I really wanted to smash the old iBERRY but I gave it to a homey of mine cus Im nice like dat! And as the clock struck midnight I spilled some vodka on the verizonBERRY and it malfuntioned goodtiming but like fat joe jealous ones stil enVY2

New Orleans rocks!

My chest is for sale!

I am also selling some streetwear. I am sick of looking like a kid, I posted a bunch online if you want the link holler. I already sold this tho sorry!

My man hit me up online thinking I had a online boutique...

someone sent me this pic said there LA ravers I say there just gay fags and skank hoes!

women come and go and I just miss the real Mike D

this is dope!

Spending time surfing the net I found pics of Christina Milian from her new king magazine spread fly! I still love you Mya and my wife I never told you about, I found her in a boutique and shes from Tokyo. Now if I can only remember her name I will be good.

after Christina teased me

not really watched revenge of the nerds 2:nerds in paradise great movie man!

speaking of porno!

and smoking dat

I spilled vodka on my new iBERRY if I dont text you black thats why
Franciseasy is out like lights

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