Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardiblog/ party gras/ francis gone wild volume 1

To those that could not make it to the biggest party in America this is some of the fun, sights and culture of New Orleans and the south. This marks the first time I went to both Mardi Gras and New Orleans and it was very impressive to say the least, it's a very beautiful city with really amazing sights. It was a delight to visit as it is to bring you this blog. We got there on Thursday the party really started on Friday it was cold out not too many people out the first day kinda just freestyled around taking pics of shit and acting up...

got driven from the airport by miss Daisy

I was psyched out everything is so well detailed, very old world America we don't have no class up here

love bathtubs with feet!


everyone there hustles during the party I am not sure what they do all year round but there's a ton of free lance people there and some that just do shit like this whatevs its all fun, he called me a asshole for not giving him a dollar

all the hot sauce was mad expensive son stupid expensive but fun didnt cop none

naked cowboy nyc

really goofed off the first day was way too excited to not be annoyed

My sidekick for the event Ian via shoe shot


humping vehicles since 1980

It is a good thing I bought 2 pairs of these sunglasses because I really like them and its sad I lost a pair

insult to injury I got 3 emails trying to buy the other pair I have

on top of all the beat cops and the state cops military police too!

they want people drunk

the leprechaun didnt let me take no pics of his ass

got a shot of his nikes tho

Don't hate the swingers!

this dude was the man seen him everyday hes down with free sex in the mouth NOHOMO! Sorry your face is cut out

The Griswalds were there I never found them though...

fuck the cops!!!

pretty drunk dont remember this at all!!!!

grenades are awesome but too much grenadine

lesson learned don't tell people where your from especially if you don't know where your hotel is!!! Especially if they are cops!

be right back version 2.0 stay tuned!

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