Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mardi Blog take 2 no rest for the wicked

Official start of the party you ready?

Woke up fucked up at what I thought was 3:30 but I didn't yet realize that there is a hour time change. I took a headache pill shot over to the local Walgreens we stayed by the ghetto, it was cool tho we love the hood the hood just don't always love us back. Anyway drank a gatorade in about 3 seconds drifted back to the hotel, picked up some shit and went at it again!

I was born in east LA

not a good kind of graffiti shit is no joke how some of the N.O. is still condemned

This is where tons of people were posted up selling art and shit I got some really fresh art

this place got details for days swag is crushing any NY block love brownstones getting real sick of em tho

I passed this 3 times before I took a picture of it

my new girlfriends

stolen by the wingman!!!!

parades non stop we snuck into one the day before

this is grand! Remember when sars was like a big scare?

makes me wanna take up cycling the locals are cool but some were more underground type people that didnt want exploitation respect... for the most part the younger crowd is fun really easy to get along with unlike over here

Thats cus you lie!!! everytime I went to get one they claimed they were out fucking scam gras!

live sex in the mouth

thanks for your cooperation

bourbon street is fun but it gets old fast only so much dumbassness that I can take at a time not to mention you can barley walk most parts of it cus people are busy waiting for tits and beads

filthy McNasteee is just trying to party





It was funny had a bunch of Jesus freaks screaming at people saying were going to hell and shit, it was kind of amusing

funny picture this dude to the right looking all pissed off with these two southern belles showing there pride and joy with a little help from mom dukes!!!!

really should have thought like this more often but than again this is not for big amounts of consumption

This is authenticity right here!

fly shit!

thought it was cool collaboration

Bought this hat at a store told the lady I wanted to marry her got like a dozen compliments on it that day and 1 dude said is it that cold I was like fuck you I am a tropical person, they liked the mustache swagger too!

big pile of trash and Ian

I noticed the first day you really need to look where you are walking theres lots of broken gravel missing parts of streets, all kinds of shit that a staggering person cant handle


This was just perfect timing drive by shooting

God bless America

I was fucked up and overwhelmed with delight most of the time and I barley noticed my camera settings changing rapidly

gets crowded son!!

I kept those gold beads

id have given them to her for a motor boat tho word up

ohh la la

sex in the mouth on a plate!!!!!


really love this place!

Went to a bar in our hood a few blocks away from the hotel met some locals this guy called me a nig and this chick was gangster!!!!!

keep your eye out for the final installment of Mardi Blog getting published sometime soon really tierd! We had a 630 flight outta N.O really broke my ass today

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