Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting ready for Mardi Gras and some other an assortment of pics


1. A case of tums, man drinking has its downsides

2. a new party boy outfit just for more kicks and giggles

3. I am in need of drinking practice since I will be doing nothing but that from when I get there till when I leave

4. a necklace sturdy enough to hold the over sized flask from Russia

5. blowjobs, cant go wrong!

6.A Few dollar store cameras. Although I am taking both digital cameras I am pretty sure I wont be walking around at night with the Canon plus not to mention I wouldnt want it stolen for a snap of some titties!

7. Some designer beads. I tried the Louis Vuitton store but Kangaye West preordered all of them last year!

8. A fucking wingman! No disrespect but claudia is a cock blocker!

9. An invisible duffle bag to bring the headband, and it could be used again and again! worth its weight in gold son!

10. A vacation! I am sure ill have fun drinking and staring at titties but I am sure I will need a break and the mansion most definitely aint cutting it!

Yeah I know I been ghost so what! I been out living a normal life and, I guess I am no fun when I am not drinking so I decided to take my own advice and start drinking again.

fun pizza

Yeah son!

Took a ride out West to the old hood saw this and died laughing, saw the court house across the street where I have spent at least 2 dozen mornings... Anyway went to some white people party sober, bad idea!

I went to Manhattan the last week in a snowstorm came back sick just getting over it today!

This is what makes a party, idk why I thought it was so funny but like I want it for my next party! At the new and improved jumpoff that is! Didn't really like that wanna be ghetto boring ass town I was in anyway, way I look at it not loosing money and leaving sooner iWIN as always!

I think we all know who is responsable for this one!

Found this in one of the caves I was in, looks like everyone likes to sink the battleship!

I have bee trying to stop the pot too but theres a distraction around every corner

I saw this guy had to steal a snap Mr. America! great I got closer was gonna take a better pic he turned into the big bad wolf tho!

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