Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th and I am doing magic tricks with money

First of all I gotta say not drinking is boring and with Mardi Gras on my mind I havent been able to put my drink down. So with no reason to stay home cus I have none I have all the free time I want and I actually feel like my own boss

Hit the hop one night not the same without the pirate...

Cutest kid in the world has good taste as well as charm

too these pics where I got my jacket, Afghanistan...

this guy said fuck a drink gimme da lean!

no homo

Max got jokes stole the Francisberry

I want I want!!!

Yes Michael Jackson on the brain!




no idea whos drink

open mouths

my man over heres like check this out

happy ending left me with wet dreams

gotta bag some pussy for V-day

I found this picture in a closet

a parrot chirped 5 weeks to harvest

and flew away than I woke up

sorry if it was too quick and fast I shall drink tonight maybe Ill feel like taking pics for you all...
valentines shmalentines

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