Monday, February 16, 2009

I love you all in a way that Im glad to be 1,300 miles away from you

I migrated to a liquor store in this attire

came back with this expensive headache in a bottle.

iBerry view of the best shit I ate all week other than the 55 shwarma's consumed

to all the fellas that fucked up this valentines day its all good last year I lost my garden tools car!!!! This is what she really wanted! This is also a pirate favorite I was gonna text him asking if I could be his valentine forgot

This guy got arresting for being too friendly with his lover on VD

funny funny funny!!!!

Shes a bitch if she didnt answer

Bang X Cam? Couple episodes back Bang was flying away with Killa to shoot some videos never saw this before it aired but the videos dope walking around snow in a full length mink 2 words ball er!!!!

talking about videos everyone seen all those rappers with the smoke athon shit but I got my money on black shiest. But to all you locals I gotta say after all this free time Ive had don't get it twisted francis will son you son!

Some one asked if I was driving or taking a greyhound, as I was laughing "no thats not baller"

Woke up stupid early this morning got real pissed couldnt sleep too much commotion in this jack tripper life I'm living... anyway heated up some hindu herds and ran to the city to buy some new clothes and socks for the upcoming event. I ended up buying mad shit but no reason to brag cus were in a recession right? anyway I took a pic of this just incase I dont get a chance to later on down the line as the tag implies...

This show is on the road taking flight for Mardi Gras to bring my antics, sign some autograpghs, and recruit some new fans. So I will be left alone in New Orleans with nothing but an ID, a gang of cameras and the iBERRY so wish me luck on taking Sexinthemouth on the road.

You lazy Im paid everything is Patrick Swayz

adios amigos got a wave to catch! If you miss me twitt me, stay posted for MARDIBLOG!!! Hit the folks at the farm I wanna be merry when I get back 5k

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