Monday, June 15, 2009

Portuguese Mardi Gras????

Waiting for my peps I was amazed at all the festivities also realized that I had'nt charged my battery so I hit up the corner store got some throw away cameras

Ghetto doorbell

getting hype

There was tons of cops

and tons and tons of big asses!

and good times

free advertising

I wish I lived in a world of parties, everyone has a good time not all pissed off

Older people always love it I mean whats not to like other than the notorious Francis oh well I know I am an acquired taste

She asked what the site was I was like go see yourself on it

look how many fucking people are having a good time! hahahaha thats an easy pickins store made a appearance a month ago.

people were getting it in

Like southpark "Holy fuck dude"

on the way out

Kevin his girl and some cute chick

Shorty rock had similar swagger thanks for the ride home

Peace out sucka!

Best party since mardi gras got me bored today fast life makes normal shit mad boring yo.


Anonymous said...

That is some ugly girl u is callin cute!

Franciseasy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Franciseasy said...

take your shoes back!