Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catch me Im falling

First and foremost thanks for pissing off Eminem, I feel like black sheist fuck white rappers...

If you didnt see the video sorry it got taken off the internet but its great to see how pissed he got. Don't do the crime if you cant do the time sucka! 5 years ago his ass woulda loved it, not now that he has 5 million sean conners on his dick! oh well

With everyone asking where I have been and what I am doing, to answer you quite plainly I would rather entertain myself than anyone else at the moment. Hearing your slacking on your blog or we haven't chilled in forever just makes me wanna say if I only had the time. Which is true Pop dukes is looking for the young pimp! Aside from all the too Hollywood for anyone I have been a drunk idiot (go figure) and spending as much time alone as possible. Anyone that can live my life can buy it for a million dollars Ill post it on ebay later this week!

Went to the city Sunday I always go to Manhattan alone, unless I got a witness to see me ball out! Waffle just told me shes in LA place where I first saw love me and this post up of death on the phone


speaking of the waffle I brought out the magical flask on Saturday needless to say I got really drunk...

How many hands does it take to make a polo?

Went to Little Italy for some soup wheres waldo?

I need rehab

If you were really balling it would have just been on your chain?

Catch back when I am not crazy

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