Saturday, June 13, 2009

Been a long week of alcoholism I drank alot of vodkies this night here idk what it day was but I get it in rain sleet or snow. Speaking of the rain is it ever gonna stop?

Vampira (happy b day) and claudouche

This nigga!

Took a magical mystery tour to trouble and bass the other day it was fun met some cool peps saw some I don't get to see that much

the other time I was on camera was more interesting BELIVE THAT!

This guy did not want a free sticker

as you can see it was a fun time

By this time I was bent so I found the backdoor and snuck out undetected

woke up stupid early kicked it with Bjorn for a hour sucks that he moved started my buzz early. Is that unforgivable?

Bird on a wire

Went for sushi

table dancers were unnecessary

should send this shit to hallmark

pretty bird

Out like Kaiser Sosay

Went over to rooftop BBQ in the rain this shits not giving up

good times


NJ we go hard

I really hate streetwear but I co-sign this (not in a way id wear it)

Why hate when theres tons of fun in the world

New blog sometime

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