Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ba ba black by popular demand

You all seem to not greet me as royalty and you wonder why I don't fuck with you. See me doing fly shit with fly honeys and you sit around and do what exactly? Anywho thanks to Orlando for sending me this pic

On some real shit I had to go back to fraggle rock I passed by the skatepark went to say hi to kevin ran up took this flick (he doing the 360). I used to live right across the street from here for 4 years minus when I lived with the turkish delight in cali

yeah son!

dickweed still heavy in the hood shoulda bombed with the old stickers too oh well new stickers soon freesexinelboca all day bitch

black to the mansion for drinks and dessert

Chirag came over with Ian chirag fell asleep and I have about 800 stickers left... I wish he didnt wake up I would have mummified his ass

heres the wideo

Ask my man Sherman Heemsly he'll tell you You goddamn right we fuck fans!

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