Monday, June 8, 2009

In the mist of my lunicy I actually accomplish a lot

Its getting hot out

Chris is up here from whack ass Florida I know he loving it!

You cant have this much fun in Florida homey, ITS FUCKING LEOPARD!

on that Robert Downy Jr tip in the office

From illtown to LA

Stopped the Dragonslayer Mobile just to give this guy a few stickers

the only other picture I took that night


Found my wifey??

Not Dianja of course


Thank him for this one Yellow fever freesexinthemouth

I need to thank him for inspiring me to cop these bad ass joints too!

hit 58 for the opening

Young boy never been attracted to magnets


Spent the rest of the weekend in and around Cams crib, Bang and I were joking like its funny everyones thinking theres gonna be a dipset reunion and shit at summerjam and We are just sitting around bullshiting...

They were shooting for the movie cam is about to drop, from the looks of it its gonna be fly

Remember the strip club scene in "cooking up"?

"Yo sheist I better not see anything on youtube" said the man so I gotta respect the pimp

If you didn't know by now

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