Monday, May 4, 2009

The last 7 days of my existance were so good and this is the least of it!

I found some fake gucci umbrella

bitch you breakfast, not even you a appetizer!

People front on Jersey but as you can see we get up! ever since I got a car I have been waking up early as fuck!

this is why you dont drink and drive (I was a good boy this time drinking green tea)

Theres something really gay about a man in a madonna hoody

Had to go to Flightclub sold some ugly ass shoes

someone send this to look at this hipster blogspot!

always an idiot

for those too drunk to read it says FRANCIS IS HUGE!!

did a fancy feast...

got jokes for days son

ayo who let in the hanson brother?

stay tuned for the camron event I just got home to finish this blog I am famished and need to take bang to church right now!

New Mansion agreement in the morning...

catch you later XOXO

Sorry I been slacking got something special for you brewing!!!

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