Friday, May 8, 2009

Blazing hip hop and orange weed/ Aint nobody blogging around?

Homeboy of mine sent me a link saying gucci is sueing guess for using Gs on wallets and shoes, cant go half way anymore hoes. funny my away message a day ago went like I used to be all up in guess now I wouldnt even look at a hoe that wear it. or something like it

Crime pays READ THE SIGN! We finally getting our cam fix if you hate it ok we still rich...

left out photo that Duke took on my Gtizzy

Celebrities are normal people too! we all on the same freaky shit behind closed doors

Like South Park HOLY FUCK DUDE!!!!

This is something to write home about

faggot I am all about controling your hoe but nigga! Im gonna stop cus I will be here all day fuck that tho pussy nigga!

Cassie R&b chick let me get that

On another note, I dont have too much pics of me I might update this blog if outside parties release them. I woke up early and I am blaming it on the Goose if I am an ass today I'm drunk. Drunk blogging gone wild

What up young pimps

Peace to these fam they were fun wish we woulda broke bread beforehand....

Alcoholic wet wipes! you got your workout plans I got mine

Thank you very much!

THINK MORE!!!!!!!!