Tuesday, May 5, 2009


respect due you know I dont give a fuck young pimps

I am no hypebeast I dont wait in line I wait to get into the velvet rope...

security likes my 12th pocket, got in free pimp, fuck security nigga!

pimping bang and miss info (supposedly she sent 20 twitters)

Finally found my way upstairs had skitzo take a pic of me and Killa, nice ziplock!

Duke Da God and the young pimp taking it to church

When we all walked down it was kinda crowded while we were all packing the stage

so I went back to vip to kick it!

flashing lights

Happy cinco de mayo

had better seats than Duke Da God son!

I love you!

if only miss info wasnt such a gossip gal id SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Spent half hour in the VIP after someone told me I owe Sheist Bubz 1500 I was like why he like you are going around calling yourself white shiest. I was like listen homles you heard Cam just call me that, I know Sheist I am pretty sure he owe my ass about 2000

BULLET HOLES took some pics upstairs saw 40 cal too

baby girl I wanna know if you would wanna suck it or not?

bottom of the pussy...


suck it or not

BUT I do the fishnets!!!!!

my MO is grind out all day and mash all night blame it on the goose you are all welcome and thank you to all my dipset family for getting me backstage VIP I gotta say I am a fan of Cam and it was a dream! but that happens to me all the time, motion picture shit living a actual movie!
wheres waldo?

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