Monday, May 25, 2009

Out of fraggle rock!

So aside from moving into a dope new spot and throwing my back out I cought the swine flew when I went to the emergency room cus I thought I broke my knuckle (delayed a week).
watch out sucka ducks that shit is in the air

Also some chick was acting super boushy at my homegirls crib I let it slide for a while than I lost it. took this flick that night, hope you still smashed that holmes im sure I helped your game if anything! I am the boushy one sucka duck!

Pimping is easy but latley I been sick and tired of everyone especially those with vagina's

The police were baffled who would steal clothes I wanted to say poor Hoodrats but yeah it prolly was just some bitches. Its a shame to walk in a pair of used shoes niggas musta been wearing some avirex or some other shit


Before I loose it forever here you go, last 3 years of fame

lost flick

Skitzo's (cams producer) note to bang! man I love bang

Trading in my car like hell rell said "they learning your liscence plate homeboy than switch your whip"

yeah son!

Feeling like a new man find me with the hoes hoes and the kush sucka ducks! life goes on pop the moet bitches

Once Again you can walk in my shoes but you can never ever be this fly!

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