Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boston bloody boston

With the whole trip starting with a 2 hour delay due to a airhead that will remain nameless, anyway the trip consisted of rain, traffic, muffins and of course are we there yet? By the time we were finally got to the hotel we hoofed it down to the brewdogs kinda was a little too hungry and thirsty to give a fuck about a blog and by the time I made rounds and had some grub I was a little tipsy not, kinda long day took it in to the lab to blow some kush.
Saturday woke up went right to Harpoon Brewery followed up that with brunch at some seafood joint had some banging crab cakes... wow I forgot I was blogging... anywho tried to make shit happen in Boston and it all got kinda screwed cus 1) no peeps in the mean streets of Boston 2) there is less parking there than in Hollywood, 3) all the clubs are listening to music from 2 years ago plus and 4) it was raining like a mother fucker...
all and all it was cool to get out of my shit hole neighborhood for a minute but wish mother nature would have let me live!
The town of Boston has some nice architecture all the buildings and churches have very classy and sexy details, very unlike some major cities... although the nightlife seems to be kinda shitty they do have beer that doesn't make me wretch on tap almost everywhere. Also an added bonus there is a lot of good looking Asian chicks go Boston! Anyway the ride home was way smoother than the ride there but it was getting old by the time we got back to the good old State that nobody really likes...
I didn't take many pics ill post what I got soon enough just been too tierd and lazy by the way I didn't receive any emails about the job opening I really need help willing to pay up too

peace out Waldo

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