Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spirits are up!!!!

Ok so it is Saturday night and yes I am home doing nothing, why you may ask well its sort of my job to be here. Anyways I am feeling a little better about everything, I dont know why maybe its cus I cleaned my house and made it all well less retarded looking...
this is my old bedrooms view of NY (now I sleep in the living room)
No TV in the entertainment center I know you love that
So Indeed I am going to blame this boring night on the hop devil where I do random adult beverage intake, they are closed for some nonsense law. Its ok I am really beat and didn't make any good throwing around money this week, Its ok I would be ballin if there was something to balls out to. The pirate is sick, so right off the bat chances of laughing at crude humor of himself and I are out!
For now keep it green don't get arrested or anything dumb Like oh man I have stories to tell you people...

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