Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So the week is not starting off amazing or anything heres some randomness as to what was up...
New sneakers not feeling them liked the gimmick of this picture tho
So off to flightclub it is
Man I gotta say and have many times before I hate almost all the staff at Flightclub NY they are so utterly trashed out hypebeast police for me to handle, big up to the Flightclub LA crew I like them...

As it was anyway this is Ian, I was going to accompany him this years to Mardi Gras, but since my dick wanted to go to California and it is still costing me money I cant fucking go. Prolly better anyway I might have gotten killed or raped or done too much lean and died...
This is danielles dog, possessed as he may look he kept lunging at the buses as we were talking about how LA is awesome if you are spending someone elses money
and at the neighborhood Jamacian's house better known as spliffville I had this pleasant conversation of a box office classic

we still never know what happened to good old Tuna

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