Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hey people sorry it took me a bit to like write anything I have been really going through it, I gave you no real incite to my life and that might not change. In 2007 I was a total slut in the beginning and met a girl started dating her, moved to LA for like 2 months and the day before the ball drops and a week before I was going to go again I dropped my own bomb. No feds for this one, I told her I can't come. I realized it was just like a fling that should have stayed that way, also shes just as much of a pretentious person as I, but a little more stubborn which I cannot deal with. I care about her it sucks but really LA is no place for someone that knows nobody! except!!!

Above all of that in this new year I keep saving for my boutique and trying to have a fucking awesome time ALL THE TIME!!!!! This is very hard and I have recently found out it costs money to be a baller JAha. No crazy stories for you yet other than I drank so much vodka and smoked like 5 joints of kush I woke up in my coat and sneakers, not even Nikes may I add! I woke up smoked a joint with my Jamacian friend here on the Blvd and went to the diner for a waffle and coffee, this makes me happy a half hour out of a day I dont have to answer to anyone just focus on food and what I gotta get done in life. No answering the phone to hear a crackhead bothering the shit out of me cus theres no service there!

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