Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sea sickness

I may look as insane as this mouse some mornings latley

went out on some bettle juice tip

OD Leopard homegirl!!!!!!

Sister act for more

eyepatches get you fun times

Its beginning to look a lot like Halloween
the hot chicks getting down

fuck the club son

Homeboy came up to us at like 4am selling these juices for 5 dollars a piece I bought 2 screaming I needed a drink for the Holland Tunnel anyway. Pretty sure there was no roofies in them but it sure doesnt taste like a quarter water to me!

afterparty in the sex shop!!!!! shout to the owner for letting us have some fun.

Right up ^his alley

Can I touch your special no no place?

thumbs up!

This is a pirate sea sick!

I gotta kick this dude out

get that money man!!

seriously I get like 3 of these a day from different people

I am out mansion for rent

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