Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bathroom jokes

I got my sweetheart back and this saved me like at least 300 bucks and a big headache, everythings good

Pirate came over we reminisced on how fun we are, noone believes me I don't have sex with Betsy. She does recieve some abuse

I look like my mom


As I was walking to get some beer from the corner store there broke out a dog fight it was rather unnerving

The cops came like 30 minuites later

This nigga came back to the hood to party, look at the fucked up face this chicks making in the back!

The hundreds is huge!

I felt like I was on another magical mystery tour all the kids were painted

I forget her name

Man thats a funny case, I bet he remembers all there names

Had to get some drink tickets... nah mean?

From the beer tent


Humby was there

He wasn't wasting no time

"Why the fuck did you give me an empty bottle of champagne?"

Blogging Derrick Jeter I is!

I kinda wanna walk into a vagina sometimes, that would be dope

I kinda want this its 450 tho idk???


Mustard man of the east meets the west

norm off doing some weird shit in the woods


More bathroom jokes

No idea what happened but I turned around and Humby was hammering the his bike idk what happened


I walked into what I thought was an afterparty, I was dead wrong thats what I deserve for *&%$#@!*&%$#@!

Than I found this

thats a little better

Bathroom jokes

If I havent showed you a million reasons not to do retarded in public than heres another reason why not to leave the house drunk and on crack


I got a secret



Good Morning

Sleepless nights gripping holding the pillow tight, Ive been waiting forever for that last kiss goodnight

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