Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party on Francis!!!!

First and fore most is anyone sick of the wrong people texting/calling you back? Any who been a long week in more ways than on, spent most of it doing dumb shit and avoiding people . Had its ups and downs I thought a lot about shit, than drank to stop thinking and smile.
The mansion is a mess I am telling you

I am into comedy lately and I got a small following shout out to all of my fans I will be signing autographs in bars all week.

sexy bird right there!

Ain't no birds in the bird cage

I hate when people don't answer the phone but I think people hate it more when I don't
sorry for being the flakiest person but I really just wanna party

all you gotta do is get me drunk and I will entertain you all night but no more free sex

debonair ass nigga

New favorite place

I am not the only one with jokes

some bartenders are slower than others, Miss America was cool

Wheres her friends homey

Im out took a cab back to jerz for 35 bucks

I just caught a glimpse of the good year blimp and it says francis is way too pimp

snap crackle and pop

when in doubt I whip her out

is that why?
having a mustache won't get too far.

love is like alcohol the older you get the less it burns

Dip set stops though a bunch latley pretty much the only people I wanna talk to latley
I live in the zoo I run scandal's with savages
duke told me I am getting a dipset tattoo, I told him I want a dipsex tattoo

sunday is my fun day

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