Friday, August 29, 2008

Le Royale with cheese

Last time I was here it was for about 10 minuites just to roll a joint and got interupted by the bouncer and he gave us a slap on the wrist told us go outside but yeah

so this pic is insane theres a mongaloid in the front and a fag on a million drugs in the middle in the red

it really seemed like the guy in the red was stalking me all night

fuck dat

I told everyone it was a smiths night when i got there they saw why, maybe this is why gay man liked me...

Mike the pervert took this one im just not sure if it was mike me or the other mike D

the bathroom is where it all goes down

the caption is titties make me tierd

put them shits away or not you know

band Elodi check em out cool shit

the other mike d

my shits look better than yours son!!!

Bang the terrorist

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