Sunday, August 10, 2008

dip set sunday

saturday I went to the second day of All Points West festival in Liberty State Park Jersey City got there just in time to see the kings of leon, the roots and radiohead. I got barked at by dogs on my way in I guess they smelled what was in my backpack any who the cops didnt bother so no need for bail money...

the lighting was kinda butter

sunday woke up late went to sheist bubz apartment in harlem we kicked it for a while he needs a stylist and i told him I can get him fresh, we burned some Ls he played some tracks off the new mixtape hes putting out this week i think he said its gonna be called something like i.d.t. short for interstate drug trafficking some pretty hot shit...
came home after a while and my producer friend Bang brings Duke Da God over cus they know i be kushing it didnt take a pic with him cus he was all jiggy and i was sitting around all haggard but he runs this site

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