Thursday, March 27, 2008

last night out on the east!

first of all I really hate those people that say they hate hipsters
these people are a great display, fresh out of urban outfitters and all

the official photographer of the event

HERE'S a great shot of me covering someone's face with heavy metal

I was told to stop smoking many once I threw out the stoggie and lit another fag cus I left the kush at home!!! fucked!!!

top hat that can't get enough attention

yeah son dance with your non hipster ass

yeah baby run it

lives in LA for a few months and is reppin already even tho she hates it hmmmn..

she on the other hand is just like dont look at me I didnt drink all the vodka (thats right it was I)

oh man if I only remember what happened with this character all I know is he got more verbal abuse than physical

everything must come to an end

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