Tuesday, March 4, 2008

bad days for some...

So as my return to the wonderful east coast so far the only really good time was almost getting thrown out of a club cus I had sour diesel in my pocket and the bouncer coming to check my hands every so often to see if I was doin it up. Some people were not that fortunate that night, a friend of mine had gotten arrested for a lot of plants... Me on the other hand fell ok and just happy to be alive and in good hands. The condo is still on the market so if anyone needs a fly crib on the fliest block in New Jersey inquire within.
The next few weeks shall be spent selling my shoes and looking at schools by day and Rumbear better know as Rumba by night. and breaking news a jaja just told me I am rumbeando!!!!! I am the new testament I suppose

FREE MEGAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND these people also had a bad weekend

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