Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a truely bloody valentines day

Wow! Well a ton has happened since my last post, on valentines day I went to get margaritas (again) and a unwanted few shots of Patron (which may have killed me). After the drinks were paid for and its time to fly drunk in LA we land at a little hole in the wall bar in Echo Park, where I took a picture of my own dick this time I may add. After a few drinks the happy day turns sour with some good old fashion domestic violence and yada yada and car keys are lost, the next morning I skate over to the place to retreve the car and in my hungover state cannot find it! Did I mention period time yet?>
I go get coffee and break the news that theres no car, needless to say emotions are still high and I had a rough weekend, I rent a Mazda cx7 and miraculously find the vehicle in question of lost/stolen. Yaay me, still in shock I crack some brew dogs and guzzle them down to celebrate/congratulate myself that I am no longer OWNED!!! Now finally well rested and with medical marijuana I feel homesick. So here I go planning my great escape back to the east coast to go freestyle on BLVD EASY for the limited time I have left in my now sold condo..... boooooooooo!!!!! I will miss that place like a child, although its more like a old girlfriend at this point!!! ok well I am ok sorry I do have pictures for you but the Mellom took the camera! wtf!!! I know i know...
ill holler!

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