Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ok so another friday well spent with Mike Dextro and company not too much text very busy at the moment sorrycheers

thanks to the dj for letting us turn the booth into the smoking section
yeah son!
whoever took this picture deserves a drink!
this one too
but not from this guy cus he would most likely put a roofie in it and have his way with you!

No Idea what we are looking at but we arent gay together

every pic I am so metal in i dont get it
displaying my sex in the mouth receiving skill to the lassies...
someone send that dragon in my red hair my number
her too!
that weirdo pulled out his pecker for mr dextro I am the lucky one that got to see that.

that chick at the end of the bar is easy im sure you could get that but would you want to?
3m rocks

I peaced out got on the bus and this dude just started punching this mexican in the face repeatedly i pushed the dude that was doing the punching he went away then this lady was like ok great that dude got beat up lets fucking move it already gotta love ny!

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