Thursday, July 2, 2009

FREE Franciseasy from the bullshit

Sorry I have been so ghost lately there has been a lot of running around, late nights, hiding and hibernating, hangovers, dutchmasters, politics, death of stars and my G1o. But I am still here I do live and blog my cameras in the shop. I will take the sony and the iPHONE to record anything I would actually post heres a missing one

Sleepless nights breathing holding the pillow tight, I cannot wait for that last kiss goodnight

No magical mystery tour for me thanks

Went back to Happy endings but they took away the special room where theres free sex in the mouth all over. The drive there was fun bar was in the car, 2 dollar redstripes thanks to the corner store. good looks fun times but this would have been fun too.

I didnt bring my camera cus I am sick of working for free glad I got a few pics tho


that too

Happy douche day!!!!!

Diana turned me into Robert Smith

Magical Mystery tour De Francois

4th of July weekend lets party

see you in a minuite

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