Wednesday, April 30, 2008


BUY THAT DECK!!! available at Divisioneast online store I fuck with them cuz their Jersey people too! 
Well on friday night I had made some brownies for my flight the morning to follow ended up running to Love to catch some Trouble&Bass before I headed out of town for a few weeks.
Both the brownies and the Trouble were sexy as could be, needless to say the flight was good with no grogginess and I didn't even have a drink on the plane. Imagine that!! 
Any who I landed right on time for the opening of the Bathing Ape store on Melrose meanwhile I am not a loser so I was getting it on with me lassie. Later on it was off to the bomb margarita spot and then a house party in our crib. Why no pictures you may ask... well I had other priorities to pack and whatnot. I did bring my charger so I will have a wrap up when this is all over. but for now 5 minus 4 

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