Wednesday, April 23, 2008

420 at bembe in BK

well first of all I was a little hung over and had crappy sleep due to the night before but I had to go out anyway cus I'm a fucking lush like that... had fun tho I was trying to get my boy to dance with a fat chick and hit on her. The deal was free drinks for her and him, he said no. I said id throw 50 on top, still did'nt wanna whats funny is 5 minuites later she came over to him blatantly trying to get some affection. oh well I would have dont it for 50 bucks shit even free drinks...
Only in brooklyn

This was a hot piece of artwork they had on display

This was from friday I forgot to post it or it got deleted I had to re add it just because its a funny fucking picture

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