Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back on my blog shit!

Hey there followers, friends, webbuddys, blog buddies, smokers, drinkers, and haters, I am sorry I have been so apathetic to this blogspot but I am gonna try to get back to it. As I stated I had no camera and I didnt wanna half ass this shit, not to mention it was summer and I woke up hungover and busy everyday! As its well know its not always easy on easy st!!!!

Being new to a town and lots of shit going on way too much drama to even blog about! I don't even know where to start, I guess the first highlight was All Points West.
Had another hick mustache.

shout to the family for taking the time to sneak us in through the back door

missed half of the yeah yeah yeahs due to alcoholism

Jay-Z was a good blur as well


Day two was cool Ice T came through on Kool Keiths set, The Cool Kids were dope too I gotta say

I liked Crystal Castles

Than we walked through the mud to watch this band iv'e never heard of called Tool. JK didnt watch them tho

Sunday was a messy fun, hungover mess. echo and the bunnymen was good killed it at the end but still all the 17 year old kids had no idea

Mgmt was aight The mud robot stopped by

Ran into a lot of JC people not too many of us paid full price

I didnt go out for a few weeks in July cus I was sick of the bullshit, and then the ultimate bullshit happened (I can't drive my car!) had a lot more free time on hand and I am assuming this became a catch phrase around this point

This Summer was cool lots of walking the plank

And sea sickness!!!

Stooped up getting dizzy after the Del show at pool Parties in the Brook

brooklyn bowl is a good place to feel funny from poisoning

Spent most week nights here

or at the mansion taking these pictures

and these

or kicking it to drunk pussies

caught a old school jammy

Still glad some of these are up, I gotta make new ones these are vintage sexinthemouth jammies. I am thinking if I re-print these gold and black!

end of the mustache swagger had to throw it up, 2nd week of the magical mystery tour Pool Partys/bowling/bars

Took a well needed vacation to Myrtle Beach to see the family, this is part of where I get my what some call swagger from

If the rumbear can do it so can I

Spent a lot of time at happy hours, playing minature golf with mom dukes

bugging with these dudes

and lighting some of these

I bought a gang of these Mom Dukes is escorting them North for a pimp, watch out for that! This cobra snake wasn't as vicious as Sid Vicious!

didnt peep the gay dolphin tho...

Last picture I took with my sony cybershot, Glad to have my G1o back finally. I can't even front this summer I didnt do fun shit till it was over, lots of bars and chilling in the mansion. Fuck that camera anyway tho

anyway that's the end of that!

This was filled with stormy weathers

But it still had good times

Could have been worse... I had some of these

spaghetti spaghetti

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Blah blah blah said...

dude its Laura Dilettos homie(remember me?)...yo email me LauraJoan85@yahoo.com.......I live in JC now & went to a bar like 2 nights ago & when I went into the girls b-room I saw "Freesexinthemouth.com" & thought of you......wtf? Yeah so hit me uppppppppp lets chop it up